Mini Quests

Mini Quests

Mini Quests

Explore dungeons. Solve puzzles. Fight monsters. Be a hero!

Windows/Mac/Linux:  Download and double-click on this JAR file.
(You might need to install Java first.)

Android phones and tablets:  Download from Google Play.

Get it on Google Play

OUYA console:  Download from the OUYA store.

Browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE11, etc.):  A bit experimental, but if you’re
feeling brave you can try it here.  I don’t promise it will work.

To play:  Control using keyboard, touchscreen, or controller.
For keyboard, use Q,K,S,P to walk around, and Space to fire your crossbow.
(Alternative movement controls are W,A,S,D, or I,O,K,L,
or T,Y,G,H, or the cursor keys.
Alternative fire keys are Control, Shift, Enter, M, N, C, X, or Z.)

The game currently has four dungeons. They can be played in any order.
You can use the ESC key or BACK button to quit a dungeon if you get stuck.
Progress will be saved automatically.

Help:  If you get stuck then see the walkthrough.

Technical stuff:  The game has a resolution of 40-by-30 pixels in
16 colours (from the EGA palette of 64 colours).  It was originally created
for the JGO Tiny Game 2010 contest.

The current version of the game uses libGDX.


Mini Quests — 21 Comments

    • Sorry that you’re having problems with it. I’ll do some investigation to see if there’s anything unusual about that type of phone.

      One thing you could try (the old “turn it off and on again” trick):
      1. If the phone thinks that the app is installed then uninstall it (on my phone that would be: Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Mini Quests -> Uninstall).
      2. Reboot the phone (hold down the On/Off button until a menu pops-up, and select Restart).
      3. Go back to Android Market/Google Play and try installing the app again.

      I’ve heard that that works on some phones, so fingers-crossed!

  1. I don’t know if you’re aware of this problem, but starting the applet crashes firefox 12.0 on 64-bit Ubuntu (I have Java 6.23 – maybe that’s the problem).

    • Sorry about that. Applets can be such a pain. You’re right, updating to the latest Java version may well fix the problem. Or you could try running the test applet on Oracle’s site to see if that works any better.

      Thanks for letting me know about the problem.

    • Thanks! I absolutely do plan to add more dungeons, but building them is slow work. So keep an eye out for game updates – new dungeons will appear eventually. :)

  2. Great game, really. Finished the two dungeons. Works perfectly on SGS II. Boss fights are epic. Design is flawless, you have a future as dungeon/puzzle designer. Will you introduce music as well? 8-bit soundtrack while fighting the dragon would be awesome.

    • Thanks! That’s a good thought about the soundtrack. I don’t have plans to add one at the moment, but sooner or later I’ll have to try playing the game with music in the background to see what fits. (It might need a few different bits of music – atmospheric, boss fights, etc. – which could take some work.)

  3. Il gioco è qualcosa di veramente stupendo. Ve lo dice un nostalgico degli 8 bit. Ho giocato con la versione Android. Gli scenari sono disegnati mirabilmente ed alcuni puzzle sono davvero geniali. I combattimenti con i Boss sono mitici. Un piccolo gioiello, non c’è dubbio.
    Pregherei l’autore di completare i nuovi livelli, perchè con questo gioco, una volta iniziato, non si può fare a meno di giocare.

  4. Just wanted to say, this game is great. I really hope you expand it. I always fall victim to scope creep and am really impressed when I find projects that manage to have an essentially simple mechanic, but are so polished they are incredibly fun.


    • Thanks! I feel lucky to have found a game that I still enjoy adding content to, years after I first began it. I’m hard at work on the next update (Dungeon #4) although it’s still a loooong way from finished. ;)

  5. I read in the release notes that you added a virtual controller for larger screens. I would like a settings menu where I can enable this as I have problems reaching all four corners of my Galaxy S3.

    • Head to the location with the bridge at the far right of the map. Go over the bridge into the forest. Follow the path shown by the brown trees.

      I’ll add full details to the walkthrough page soon (when I stop being lazy).

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