Friends vs Aliens

Friends vs Aliens

Friends vs Aliens

Join with friends to defend the world against alien invaders!

To play: Stop the aliens reaching the bottom of the screen.
Deploy your defenses on the grid to block or blast aliens.
Select deployed defense to move them around the grid.

Multiplayer: Play with friends over Wi-Fi/LAN.
All devices should be connected to the same Wi-Fi router.
Some devices like ‘hosting’ better than others –
try entering the host’s IP address if all else fails.

Download: For Android devices: .APK
For Windows/Mac/Linux (with Java): .JAR

This game is work-in-progress.  It’s a bit of an experiment,
and is currently lacking a lot of features.  I’d appreciate
any feedback, so feel free to add comments below.

This game was created using libGDX and Kryonet.

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