Dungeon #4 Beta

Today Mini Quests hit 100,000 downloads from Google Play, which is rather cool.

To celebrate (and by complete coincidence) I’m unveiling… Mini Quests Dungeon #4!

The dungeon is in beta at the moment. It’s playable on PC with a ‘modern’ browser (e.g. Chrome) although I’m not sure that the sound effects are playing quite right, so sorry about that. Alternatively, if you hava Java installed, you can download and double-click this Executable JAR [dead link]. I’ll add the dungeon to the full game and release it for other platforms when I think it’s absolutely perfect (a few weeks probably).

I’d be thrilled to hear any feedback you have about the dungeon – add a comment below or drop me an email. The beta version will automatically report back some basic playing stats, which hopefully will help me iron out some of the kinks.

Edit: Added link to Executable JAR.

Update: Beta’s done, new version released!

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