Dungeon #3 Beta

Mini Quests is about to get a new dungeon!  It’s currently in the final stages of testing.  If you want to give it a try then click below – although if you haven’t played the game before you’re probably better off starting here.

[link removed]

If you’ve got any comments, write them below or drop me an email.  The ‘beta’ applet reports back some basic gameplay stats to me, so everyone who plays it is doing their bit to balance the difficulty level.

I’ll incorporate the new dungeon into the full game (including the Android version) in the next few weeks, fingers crossed.

Stuck in a Dungeon

Are you stuck in a dungeon in Mini Quests?  Don’t just rot there to become a skeleton for other adventurers to laugh at.  Help is at hand!  The new walkthrough for the game will guide you past the traps and reveal all the monsters’ weak points.

And if one walkthrough for the game isn’t enough, I’ve just found out (thanks Dave!) that Jay is Games have one on their review page as well.

Invasion of the Applets

The good news is this site is now populated with my games (each one a work of art!).

The bad news is the games are Java Applets.

Now, as much as I like Java, it’s a sad truth that Applets can sometimes be a little… cranky.  Bluntly, they just won’t work on some machines.  I’m using the Java Applet Embed plugin for WordPress, and I’m hoping that that will ease the pain a little.  But there’s still a chance you could be looking at a blank space where a game is supposed to be.

If the games aren’t appearing, the first thing to do is keep your eyes open for a message from the browser asking if it’s okay to run Applets. Failing that, you could try visiting the Java download page to make sure you’ve got Java installed already.  If that doesn’t help then all I can do is apologize.

If you know any tricks for making Applets work reliably then I’m all ears!

[Edit] And it turns out that the plugin that launches the Java Applets only works if JavaScript is enabled.  So that’s both Java and JavaScript.  But honestly, the games are worth it!

A New Beginning

So I finally decided to demolish the old nineties-style mess of HTML that was my website and build a sexy new WordPress site in its place.

The purpose of this site is to show off the games I make to the world.  If the world wants to give feedback on those games then that’s cool too.