Goblin Mines

Another lift to take you deeper into the mines.  Shoot the switch on the wall to operate it.

Unfortunately it’s not possible to shoot the switch while you’re standing on the lift.  But that’s not a problem – just stand on the lift and get a friend to shoot the switch for you.

What’s that?  You forgot to bring a friend?  Well, in that case, you’ll need to pay attention to how the switch works.

When the switch is pale pink, then the lift keeps moving until it’s at the top.  When the switch is dark purple, then the lift keeps moving until it’s at the bottom.

So, to go down, move the lift to its bottom position, and stand at the place shown in the picture.  Shoot the switch twice quickly, and run for the lift.  The lift will move up to the top, then back down to the bottom, and you’ve got just enough time to hop on board.